Tuesday, July 26, 2011

twiddle dee twiddle dum

Semester break was FUN as I get to escape to KL for 2 weeks. :D
Main purpose was to attend the photo session for my 2nd brother, Dennis's convocation. He's a graduate now! woohoo.. then my parents, koko nis and me went for a road trip to Cameron Highlands and we stayed a night there at Equatorial Hotel in Brinchang. Nice~
then after a week, my parents head back home for Miri while I stayed back for another week with my sister and brother in KL. :)
Spent a lot and now I'm broke. gahhh this is bad.. but I love what I bought. :D
Thinking back..its not that much too though but yea..money nowadays has small value and I can't agree more.

Semester 2 started on 25th July...had to adapt myself to wake up early and not fall asleep in the afternoon.
and about those... had to live like you're dying and just enjoy and live life. can't be bothered much. :)