Friday, September 23, 2011

another >:(

I can't get my ass into doing my assignments! I will be deep fried alive if I'm not done by tomorrow evening. >:(
I don't know were and how to start. I think I've been quite free for this semester as for last semester, its like assignments after assignments with maybe a week or two of breaks. As for this sem, so far its only simple presentation, assessments where you got to speak speak and speak although you have no idea in your head, so you just talk the crap out of yourself from your mouth. =.= :D
Accounting is killing me softly and slowly as I got no idea of how to do cause I don't have the basics. And, I keep postponing myself from doing revision because of the super duper internet who always gets in the way. haha
I'm always blur lately, maybe its because of life in campus has been quite easy and not busy.
I do start to feel empty as I don't know... I used to be busy going for practices like every Saturday since the past 3 years?... and now I'm a free bird. Its been like few weeks or maybe a month or more since I last went to prayer meeting. The first time is when I exploded, then there's no prayer meeting as they're in Madrid, then for 3 Saturdays, I've been busy involving myself in activities in campus. First was gotong-royong in the old folks home, next is Fund raising for the Sarawak Cancer Children Society and recently, Curtin Open Day. All of these makes me realize that without God, I am nothing but a weak person.
Next in line is to finish up my assignments by Sunday. Then, study for accounting mid-term this Wednesday and also ECS Theory test on Friday. Start doing my revision notes for Economics and try to get myself in line again as I've been far out of track. :)

Being in line is never easy as there are many distractions in this world. But I do believe that I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. :) Amen!

Melinda. :) :) :) Just gotta keep on SMILING!

Friday, September 9, 2011


So... we went to the beach.
Well, here's the story.
I was supposed to go out with Bit to watch Smurfs cause He's been asking me when will I bring him out. So, when the time came, as usual, I won't go out without my security guard ♥, drove up to Taman Tunku D: yea right up there, picked up ♥ and asked him to show me the direction to Bit's. The interesting part starts here... Bit thought that I was kidding! fish! sweatness man....! Outside his house gate in the car, then here come Bit's lil brother (he is cute!!!), asked ♥ whether are we looking for Bit and the he went running in to the house calling his brother. Then I called Bit, he answered and said "woi! saya blom mandi lagi ni. masih pakai boxer." =.=''''''' asked him to bath and we continue waiting... till he went out with shorts and he said..."tak jadi lah saya pergi.. kamu dua jak..." @.@!!!!!! fine...
So, hubs and me went out... his beloved girlfriends mengidam Lemonade. So we went to Merdeka Mall to find her favourite drink and found none. >:( I'm craving very damn hard here..... then, I wanted to watch Smurfs but hubs said just buy the CD and watch rather than paying the same amount and watching it only once... quite true.. So I didn't nag or complain. hahahak :P I thought of looking around but I resisted cause my policy these days is "see, nice, buy. or else, let him here me nagging, complaining, crapping and whatsoever till he say go buy lah". muahahahahahaha!
Then, we went to the beach. ♥ windyyyyyy! I wore my sweater and still complained that I'm cold cause its super windy today at the beach. We sat, walked, sat and then walked again, then we played, then his sakai girlfriend went to chase mukuns (fish with legs, ask me no more cause I can't explain to you :D), then his sakai girlfriend became tired and sat down and went crazy cause she became hyper after her findings... =.= hahahaha lame me. Poor ♥ got a very sakai girlfriend like me. hahahaha :P Then his girlfriend got tired and wanted to go home, so we left and I sent him back home.
He forgot his phone in my car so I had to make a 'U'-turn and there is his mom, looking out of the door smiling, not sure whether to me or to those in the house cause they got guests coming at that time, and him running out of the door for his handphone. :D
And thats the end of my story today. 

Curtin Open Day tomorrow and I'm a Curtin Volunteer! :D
Gotta rest. 

He was correct! oh man.. now I owe him something... grrrr....
1 year, 7 months and 3 weeks!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Your Love NEVER fails, never gives up; Never runs out of me ♥


Volunteered in the Curtin Annual FundRaising For Sarawak Children's Cancer Society.
phew! that was tiring.


Thursday, September 1, 2011


He found and pulled out my FIRST white hair. crap. 

 "I love you just the way you are"
which in other words means
There's no need for you to dye your hair because of a SINGLE strand of white hair on your head.

It has been.... 1 yr and... I don't know. :)