Monday, December 27, 2010

Blessed Christmas!

Been busy lately...
traveling, eating, sleeping, baking :D
Went on the 16th n returned on the 22nd...
From Miri to Betong to Sibu to Mukah. :D
Fun + tiring + bored.. hehehe

on 23rd, bake cookies.. hehehe the whole day... not much only 3.. hahah.. woke up late.. thats why it took a whole day to finish..hehehe
on 24th, bake cakes..only 2 simple ones... heheheh my cake survived... haha.. guess what I mean. heheh
During the night, ate steamboat at home together with Bro's fiance. that makes 5 of us. :)
During mass at Lutong.. hahah.. sleepy.. lol... tired maa.. hehehe But after mass I don't feel like sleeping anymore.. hehehehehee
Next day, visiting blablablablabla till today.. hahaha

Practice for year end gathering starts today... busy morning again.. hehehe

gtg now. :)

Blessed Christmas to all! God Bless. :)

Melinda. :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


A hot and boring day...
wanna go out...
pfft. who cares.
Orang lain lebih diutamakan daripada adik sendiri.

Una vez dijo que "quería ser un hermano mayor." 



Wednesday, December 8, 2010


SPM is over!!!
"Look she's so happy already now..."
"Happy lah finish already..."
From Mom n Dad. hehehee

All I can say for now. hehehehe

Crossing fingers for a good result.. hehehhe

Melinda. :DDDD

Sunday, December 5, 2010


SPM is coming to an end..soon..
Come to me babeh! hahahaha
I'm starting not to pay full concentration in my revision...
That is not good...
I don't want to kill my Chemistry and Biology... 

Should I go and study now??...
Yes, U should....
hahahahahaha.. macam tak biasa la pula dengan Melinda ni.. hahaha


Thursday, December 2, 2010

tum tum tum



Kenapa mesti datang hari ini?????????
Kenapa tak esok??!! haiya...
buat susah saya jawab paper Physics jak...
bak kata org... potong stim jawab soalan physic... =.='''''
Dah lah datang tak cun dgn masa...
ni bagi saya hadiah red light lagi...
mentang2 soalan physics tadi ada Young's experiment using RED light...

hahaha... If U know what I say, U know lah... If you dunno, u dunno lah.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


back from KL last few days...
pictures are to be found at my facebook acc. thnx. :)
Someone said that his darling very pretty.. hahaha. tq tq :)
now freakin headache..I don't know why... it has been like this since last saturday (13/11/2010)
I miss my sister and brother there in KL...
I got to study smart since SPM is coming and is only at the corners....

Dear you, Lady,...
Freak off. Its your boyfriend's problem. not mine. Open your eyes lah wehh... Sien laah...

It should be wedges on my feet but then my leg hurts so I bought a slipper from Rip Curl. :)
more in facebook. :)

Melinda. love

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Quel est votre problème? Je ne sais pas et je ne veux pas le savoir dames. Je ne m'inquiète pas si vous les gars disent du mal de moi parce que je n'ai pas traîner ou être aussi bon qu'avant de vous les filles. Raisons, c'est que je ne me sens pas belle chaque fois que vous commencez à vous juger, critiquer et de parler mal des autres. Prestation de serment et tout autres choses. Je sais que je ne suis pas parfait. Mais je connais mes limites. Je ne cherche pas des ennemis, bien que les gars vous me faites sentir que vous faites avec moi. Mais je ne me dérange pas que Dieu seul sait comment et ce que je ressens. Pour vous, si vous continuez à sortir en public et quand vous commencez à une étude plus approfondie et vous continuez à être en tant que tel, je parie que vous aurez un moment difficile. Personne n'a ce genre de temps pour que des soins sur la façon dont vous vous sentez. Il est une institution supérieure de l'apprentissage de mon ami ...Peut-être que vous avez l'habitude d'appeler l'autre nom stupide, mais pas avec d'autres personnes. les gens ont un cœur trop dame, vous n'êtes pas la seule personne créé avec un coeur. ce n'est pas un magicien de film Oz. Réfléchissez avant de parler. d'autres ne seront pas comme ça quand vous sortez de l'école secondaire. Je vous pardonne pour m'appeler babouin et tout autres choses que vous parler derrière mon dos. Il n'ya pas de point et l'utilisation si je m'accroche à ces choses. Et pour vous, celui que nous appelons la «meilleure» un, pourquoi laisser les gens marchent sur le dessus de votre tête? Pour moi, ce genre de chose est une humiliation publique et vous ne pouvez toujours sourire et être fier de cela? oh s'il vous plaît .... J'espère que vous serez un jour rendre compte ... Alright? Je n'ai pas dessein ne vous parle pas. Je n'ai rien à vous parler. :) Quel qu'il soit, vous êtes toujours mon ami mais je ne suis pas sûr si vous voulez encore me prendre comme votre ami. Il est triste de voir comment vous vous comportez gars. Mais j'espère pour le mieux pour vous les gars.

End of my story. :) ahahah
Mark... Thanks yea? HUGS! You've been a VERY GOOD um.. i mean SUPER GOOD best friend to me. :) Appreciated much although I don't look like I do but deep inside of me I do. :) All the best yea? Thanks for your advices bro! ;D
Stephanie Sarah Aren! I love you! hehehehehe Thanks yea! :D Wo ai ni! hahahaha

I'm leaving on an airplane... hehehehe ;)
It won't be long till I'll be back again. :)

Thanks teachers! I know I'm a naughty girl in school.. :D hehehehe I'll sure miss those moments where I played with you teachers.. :'')

I'm off away tonight at 9pm.. I'll be home next week.. miss me. :) 

Melinda. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

The end of a relationship can be emotionally devastating, but it can also mean freedom. Freedom from being with someone you probably weren’t supposed to be with in the first place or things wouldn’t have had to end.

We can feel really deep emotional pain and sadness for the loss when a relationship ends. Missing the person and the relationship might make us long to get back into that relationship when we mistakenly assume and blame this as the source of the pain we feel. Many people have experienced this yo-yo effect of getting into and out of a relationship with the same person before they realize that it is not healthy for either party and finally get out for good.
Try to take a look at it this way instead–when a relationship fails, the pain one feels really comes from losing what we had wanted and hoped the relationship to be. When you look at it this way, you can see that you are not losing what you had envisioned or hoped the relationship to be. Rather what you are actually losing is a relationship in which one or neither of you were happy.
Because you cannot truly lose something that you never had, it is rather useless to feel pain for something that doesn’t exist and never will exist. What could have been in your relationship probably never was. Don’t waste your precious time and your even more precious emotional energy on something or someone that never will be what you want it to be. Instead, focus your energy on finding a relationship where you are both happy and together can co-create a healthy and loving relationship.
To that end, it is still important to recognize that it is healthy and desirable to mourn for the loss of someone you love, just make sure that you identify the proper source of the pain so that you don’t go getting back into a relationship with someone you aren’t truly compatible with. Then, you can be free to move on and find the love of your life.

copied from another website.. I find it rather true and interesting....

Melinda. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's getting closer n yet there are so many challenges lying ahead of me..
I'm currently sick as usual. Flu fever.. sneezing headaches...
I'm not prepared for SPM.. dang?!
Pray for me yah.. :)
I sometimes get stuck while studying...
n currently having some kind of 'problem'..
Going to KL next week. haha..
Sis's convocation n I'm not allowed to stay alone in Miri and I don't want
I wanna go buy shades, flip flops, tees and... I don't know..
N I'm sure cheche will give me some kind of 'lecture'...
Too bad I don't know KL roads.. or else I get to drive Koko Nis's Satria.. oh man.. hahaha
Dad says don't be so daring.. hahahah
Got to study...
Those who have my 'private' blog will know what 'problem'...
hahahah :S


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm currently still a lil bit frustrated with my friend. He's a friend that I trust. I used to tell/talk to him if I got any prob n stuffs like that.. but things change after he came back from Kuching n continue his studies in Curtin. I dont really mind if he don't really chat/ ask of me like before.. well.. He got his own thing to do too right? oh well..
but then just this Sunday ago, I went to Lutong mass. After mass I thought of meeting him n ask how is he doing n catch up a lil bit.. but then I saw him talking with some other friends so I felt like its okay lah.. I still can text/ meet him the next week or next time.. So after that I went home with Dady, my brother n his fiance...
At night i think I forgot what I posted on facebook n he commented n he suddenly said "Hey I saw u in church today"... something like that... I deleted that post already. n then we just keep commenting....
I replied like erm... ??? hehe forgot.. I saw u..U talking... dun wanna menyampuk things like that lah...
He did replied saying it's okay just tegur me la bla bla bla... I said paiseh lah this that... only people who really know me know me.. :)
then ada lah itu ini then He said "JUST TEGUR ME next time. I really hate ppl who don't want to talk to me when they see me talking to other ppl. Whats wrong if u just come up n tegur me... *something like that lah* He said that he's not that busy till he cant layan other ppl.... still got some other things he said.. I forgot. haiyahh.. who wanna remember those efin hurting words. He said that my excuse is the LAMEST EXCUSE he ever heard..
I got my own stands. I'm just keeping my manners. It's not nice what if u see someone talking to other ppl n u just menyampuk. maybe others can. but not me.. After all he's still elder than me my few years. I'M RESPECTING YOU!. shesshh... still got a lot lah I wanna say but then... haihs.. dun wanna fight. let it be lah if he can't understand. I'll just be his LAMEST FRIEND who still sticks on MANNERS.
Like what I've posted on my facebook..

maybe I'm just your lamest friend. Its alright. Manners doesn't exist anymore. So people, ignore your manners or else you'll be a lame person. :) after all nobody cares how you feel. :)

School is very much stressing me already n this thing again. effin man!


Saturday, October 23, 2010


I managed to play Wedding march n Bridal chorus with the LEAST mistakes during Bro. Frackie n Sis Sharon's wedding today.. haha
I like their wedding.. simple n meaningful... Why spend much on decorations? kan? :)
Sis. Sharon looks puhretty! hahaha.. Bro. Frackie.. cali eyH!!hahahaha
I did a mistake when playing Glory to God.. haha I forgot to transpose back to 0 due to nervousness. hahahaa
oh well.. it has to continue.. hehehe
pictures... wait lah..hahahaha.. :P
Hubby bought me Cola. hahaha... Bini mengidam... terpaksa lah beli.. hahaha
sounds wrong... haha I know.. :P

I gave some advises based on experience to the new batch of MYCS Band.. :)
tention muka semua dengar saya cakap..
Ada juga yang terasa.. Well, If you terasa, then change. Ok?
I don't want to shoot you in the face also..
Wanna know what I told them? ask them. haha. Don't wanna repeat. :P
Berharga tau saya punya advise semua tu...walaupun saya membebel.
membebel demi kebaikan tuu...



Thursday, October 21, 2010


"you're not suppose to drive more than 90km/h.. you're still new..."
"...... :(... oh okay...."

"You should be able to go to Ng Siang Hap and do parking by yourself next time.."
"I takut to park bah..later if kena people's car how.. dah lah they do stupid parkings there.. don't follow the lines."
"Learn lah.... "
"... :S... T_T..."

:P I need a smaller ride... Dad's Unser is huge... to me... :P

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today is my first time catching and holding a live fish.. hahah... squeaking aaa! eee! aaa! eee! hahaha... takut bah.. nervous.. haha *maka ikan kecik* ahahahha
Kutip itu siput.. entah apa nama... tengok facebook saya.. hahaha...
Today dady pumped out the pond's water at my another house.. haha.. kasi tangkap semua ikan.. not much left though.. haha.. baby fishes n also ikan patin n keli.. haha... scary.. haha
I daringly held the siput.. haha... go see pictures n my facebook n u'll know what I mean.  haha... I'm crazy.. haha
Got video.. haha.. but that one I took it at home lah.. haha when dady released them in the pond at home.. hahaha.. hehhee
next time I upload ya... hahha

off for now.. school's tomorrow... sigh..


Saturday, October 16, 2010

oh yeah!

After months of craving n drooling... I went to pizza hut today! hahaha sot... long time ad I wanna go pizza hut eat.. kept on nagging my brother..hahaha then I bought my favourite pop horn.. ops.. I mean pop corn.. haha... Wanna buy famous amos cookies but then... hby asked me to  control eating... hahaha I weigh more than him.. lol... only by 2kg bah.. :P He's jealous of me cause I can eat well. :P hahaha

Today I played badminton..haha I'm practically feeling quite tired now though. hehe after months of not exercising, pancet~! hahaha. The last time I exercised (play hockey) is in May n that is MSSM Hoki.. hahaha. Fat. hahaha. My hockey stick lies beautifully in my hockey bag.. thought of selling it.. any comments bought that? :)

I'm now bloated and also sleepy.. what shall I do? hahaha

Melinda. burp.! :P haha

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom n Dad!

Today is momy's and dady's wedding anniversary.. :D

Happy 27th Wedding Anniversary Dady n Momy!!! I love you! hehehe ♥

Melinda. ♥

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh well.....

Dad said....
"Get ready faster... we go visit Aunty later before she go.. this time if she go, she go very far.. You cannot visit her anymore... "
yea... Aunt is sick.. ovary cancer... Mom said it won't be long... T_T
aahhh... I don't like funerals esp when its a relative's funeral...
Last two days we went to the hospital to visit her... If you're a human with feelings, you will drop tears hearing to what aunt said... But she said she is ready... N ask us don't worry... : S
Well, at least she met all of her siblings.. :) Mom, Aunt Rose came back to Miri from KL and Uncle Robert from Bintulu to Miri...
But today we visited her at home... Well, they can't do much anymore in the hospital... So better go home. Aunt said shes not afraid.. :)

# I don't want to meet all relatives that I know or don't know yet by attending funerals..
# I get to meet.... Cousins from Canada esp...whats his name again?? Aunt Nelly's Son who teaches Yoga.. hehe.. And I forgot his name.. but his nickname is Mango Panda.. hahaha.. they are brothers.. hehe
# Cousin, aunties and uncles in UK.. Australia.. Singapore.. Brunei.. Canada.. Kuching.. and some more which I never met before...

woots.. not a nice way to meet on the road ey?.. haha.. I like your sun glasses~!! hahaha *I'm being honest here* hahaha...
Like it or not.. em..wait.. You Must like it for I am now a driver like you.. hahaha


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rain rain go away....

It's keep on pouring....
I loike! hehehehe.. but then I don't like it too...
Trees are falling here and there!!
Wind...Don't get over excited okay?? :))
Thank you. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Christian!

Ada org nangis oww mlm tdi hahaha
Ada org ingat saya lupa birthday dia..
hahahaha.. tomel.. haha

"kalau nak buat surprise... buat lah awal2.."

hahahahah :D

Melinda. :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Lets pretend to forget that today is someone's birthday and say not even a word about it.. hehehe :)
Hey, you're 15 yrs old today! haha :P *Good thing is you're not reading this..haha*
Plurimos annos Christianae! Te iubesc!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

back to life

now you see.. now u don't...
Randomizing myself.....
public this is....
Private ones is over there....
ask n I might let you have a sneak peek. :D