Friday, March 18, 2011

Senadin Youth

Congratulations and Thanks be to God for making our first prayer meeting a successful one. :D

Summary of today's prayer meeting :- (shortened it up cause I'm tired. :))
- 20+ teens came from around Senadin and also Tudan. wow! :D
- went smoothly throughout, leaving the little mistakes aside. :)
- the Teens were very supporting! really great! GREAT!
- the cups, drinks and biscuits were more than sufficient. God provides! :D
- teens were very interactive. :D

-The end-

Since I've got no class today, my dad woke me up early this morning. D: He woke me up at 730am. D: My plan was to sleep till maybe 9 or 10am. oh well, at least I earned something. hehehe
Woke up, collected my Identity card, changed the home phone at Telekom, sent Dad's grass cutter for repair but then its unable to be repaired due to something that has spoiled and its not worth it to be repaired as the cost of it is a cost of getting a new grass cutter. :) blabering. hehehe. continue. went to the 2nd house a.k.a. known as kebun :D, went to parkson and Dad bought me a formal casual blue short-sleeved top from BIEM, see cars (Ford Fiesta and Hyundai i10) in parkson, went to boulevard and got myself a pair of black VOiR Executive casual pants for RM33. 70% discount babe! was so lucky as it was the only pants left and size S fits me well and I still got space to breathe. haha :P I saved RM65.90 from flying away as the real price costs me RM98.90. hehe. at the same time, I only got RM50 in my pocket. haha. lucky much ey? EYEAH! :P
Theres sales EVERYWHERE!!!!! oh my dear money, where have you been when I needed you most? hahahahahahaha :P

Melinda. :D

Sunday, March 13, 2011




Flu.Fever.Chesty cough.
WOW! Great!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey! Its already march... oh time flies.. :)
A lot of stuffs happening around me... good ones and also bad ones.
I just really hope that Mr. will understand what I told him and accept it by viewing it through a different perception. keeping my fingers crossed. :)
Saturday...Start-up Night at Piasau Boat Club... er... bored.. sad thing. :( tiring too. dunno why.
Sunday! which was yesterday.. I guess is the longest time I spent out of the house with friends. :D
6am, I am already at cathedral to send the stove and the sugar cane drink. guess what... only Nathaniel was there with his mom sleeping in the car... gosh.
stayed at cathedral until the food sale finished and after the band played... well I had to say that its a rough one though...
then We head off to tanjung beach with Dave, James, Morris, Vanessa, Chrishe, Clarence, Dunston and Me. :D I think it was around 2pm when we arrived at the beach. approximately.
Kononnya kata mau buat meeting.. in the end we have mixed topics. hahaha :D
by 3pm we left for Taman Tunku confirmation talk. D: haha yea. we went there. at the same time, not telling anything. :D I say that its done for now. referring to the thing that I'm referring to. :P
at 5, head off to Merdeka Mall with Aunty Margaret, Bro. Frackie, Sis Shirley, Sis. Angelina, Bro. Mark and Sis. Lorna... and also the teens mentioned above. hehehe.
ate. talked. laughed. walked. till 8pm. D: yea. haha
Tiring though but had fun. :D
till my dad called what time am I going back home. woots. hehehe Sorry. :| hehe
Monday lecture... erm... Dave brought me to permy together with Ezekiel and their friend for lunch. Sponsored. :D
I dunno what else to say. Basically, there isn't anything interesting much.... :)

Sin Yee, Michelle and Janice. The friends in Uni. hearts! :)
Guess what time. :) at the beach.
Ends. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Please. Somebody. Help. Me.
That. Human. Is. Freaking. Me. Out.
:(. Goosebumps. oh. gosh. why. dots.
What. is. wrong. with. him.?
He. is. practically. stealing. the. air. off. me. help.
I. need. a. calm. life. with. no. one. like. him. who. is. a. I. dont. know. how. to. say.
Needs. air. Needs. to. find. a. way. to. !@#$%^&*. him.

God, show me a way... :(