Friday, June 24, 2011

ah who cares

yea.. the title explains this whole thing. Who cares...
At least there's still someone else who cares..
Dad..Mom..Brothers..Sister..Mr. Love...
Its the process of life.
Care less and continue. You won't want it to happen twice. None cares but God still does. The pinch is there but keep on rocking and breathing. It'll come back one day. just wait and see.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


can feel like a heap of burdens away off me :D
One month's break... what will I do besides having two weeks in Kuala Lumpur???
I'll have another week and the last week of holiday to spend here in Miri...
Can't always make ze boyfriend got girlfriendnapped because she's bored. D: what is this? haha
Sem to study smarter and hopefully, keeping fingers crossed, it won't be like sem 1 cause sem 1 is really something that you and I both won't want to repeat having the same situation all over again. Its a big NO.
Words are spoken and actions are all it takes to fulfill my sayings which I don't even know if I can fulfill.
Recharging myself by replacing those three days of insufficient sleeps and rests due to exams. Sad case.
Basically a sneak peek of my activity in Miri is the ultimate second boyfriend which is Mr. SLEEP!
hahaha :P
Was having a bull market for few days and it suddenly turned into a bear market now. I'm talking business language now! Oh no. haha.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rainy day

I cut my hair. hahaha
Mom says its still long. D:
Dad laughed and said.."better no need cut.."
sad case. hahahaha
I like the front part but not the back..
I think the barber had fun layering my hair...
anyways... hair grows, so do I. haha

Keep on rocking!

Monday, June 13, 2011


haha Just realised that this blog is kinda bored and empty.
oh well... let it be this way until I have my sem break. I can't wait till I dream about me boarding the plane... =.= sad case.
Anyways, my first sem of uni is kinda bored with not much activities... sad ey? oh well... thats life.
Currently figuring out a way to make myself study like really study and concentrate as finals are around the corners... its NEXT WEEK for goodness's sake... I'm a lil bit nervous but I just can't get myself to start studying.... I'm blogging now and my facebook is still active. sigh... what a life....
Got to cramp all 3 month's study of 4 subjects in my head in this one week. D: haha well, that is the truth though. sad but yea... please don't be sad for me.. =.=
ah! I'm starting to drift away...
Gotta start studying!
I'll write more craps after my exam. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011


Respect me and I'll respect you.
I told you once, I told you twice, you don't want to listen then fine.
Rasa lah you! Cuba lah the police kasi saman u terus. heiishhh
Stop comparing Miri and Kuching!
Now then you know what I mean...
It won't kill you if you use safety belt.
Do that in other ppl's car but not when u're sitting in my car. shesh
basic manners!