Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear female...

You've got all access to reach out to me. 
So, why don't you just come up and say your lungs out to me since you're such a b* :) 
(You're welcome.) 

God bless.

Dear you.... :)

Do I need to apologize myself to you if I don't rant and blog much these days??? 
Mind your own ass please. 
Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Suka hati aku la. Menyibuk jer.

Monday, November 14, 2011


After exams, I flew off to Singapore the very next day.
Miri boarding room - My handbag snapped. Well, I was trying to dump everything into both my backpack n handbag. My backpack was full of clothes and my handbag was full of little2 things I cannot fit into my backpack, which ended up being heavy. crap.

Arrival at Changi Airport, Friday - Aunt Genevieve picked us up and then we went out to Vivo City to pick up my brother n future sis-in-law. Then, mom bought me a cloth tote bag. At 5pm, went to werkz studio for Koko Niel's graduation photo shoot then after to Orchard Road. Got myself a perfume form Esprit.

Saturday - Graduation Ceremony was only for an hour but the waiting was around 2-3 hours. pfffft. Then went to Vivo City for last shopping and I got myself... a waist belt from Cotton On, 2 bangles from **-Six, ISG Tees, necklace from Mu-EE...thats all. Wasn't going there for real real shopping spree. At night was dinner at home with the uncles n aunties, granduncle and grandaunt. Then after dinner around 10++, we went up to Mount Faber just nearby the house for sight seeing.

Sunday - Departed at 12:15pm. Arrived Miri at 2:12pm.

Melinda :)))

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happier than ever

next event in line, Big brother's convocation at Singapore. YEAY!! I'm counting that as my holiday trip after my exam! haha (although the plan to go universal studio with together with koko nis and cheche failed... dang..).
Followed by another event which is Big brother's Wedding at the end of November! haha weeheeeee~~~~ Preparations!

and my parcel came right in time today!!! I love the dress!! hahaha and most of all, Its CHEAP! *forget about the shipment for a moment* RM29 only!!! even if you add up with the shipment fee which is rm 12.60... RM41 for a dress like that is impossible to find here in Miri. sad case ey? anyways... I had mine and is thinking of getting other colours.. oh nooooooo!!! hahaha

I am super duper HAPPY! Exams GONE! haha


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

once upon a time

And yes, I wasn't joking. I said I'll be there and I was there.

However... Things are getting better and I hope that they remains that way till forever. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

another >:(

I can't get my ass into doing my assignments! I will be deep fried alive if I'm not done by tomorrow evening. >:(
I don't know were and how to start. I think I've been quite free for this semester as for last semester, its like assignments after assignments with maybe a week or two of breaks. As for this sem, so far its only simple presentation, assessments where you got to speak speak and speak although you have no idea in your head, so you just talk the crap out of yourself from your mouth. =.= :D
Accounting is killing me softly and slowly as I got no idea of how to do cause I don't have the basics. And, I keep postponing myself from doing revision because of the super duper internet who always gets in the way. haha
I'm always blur lately, maybe its because of life in campus has been quite easy and not busy.
I do start to feel empty as I don't know... I used to be busy going for practices like every Saturday since the past 3 years?... and now I'm a free bird. Its been like few weeks or maybe a month or more since I last went to prayer meeting. The first time is when I exploded, then there's no prayer meeting as they're in Madrid, then for 3 Saturdays, I've been busy involving myself in activities in campus. First was gotong-royong in the old folks home, next is Fund raising for the Sarawak Cancer Children Society and recently, Curtin Open Day. All of these makes me realize that without God, I am nothing but a weak person.
Next in line is to finish up my assignments by Sunday. Then, study for accounting mid-term this Wednesday and also ECS Theory test on Friday. Start doing my revision notes for Economics and try to get myself in line again as I've been far out of track. :)

Being in line is never easy as there are many distractions in this world. But I do believe that I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. :) Amen!

Melinda. :) :) :) Just gotta keep on SMILING!

Friday, September 9, 2011


So... we went to the beach.
Well, here's the story.
I was supposed to go out with Bit to watch Smurfs cause He's been asking me when will I bring him out. So, when the time came, as usual, I won't go out without my security guard ♥, drove up to Taman Tunku D: yea right up there, picked up ♥ and asked him to show me the direction to Bit's. The interesting part starts here... Bit thought that I was kidding! fish! sweatness man....! Outside his house gate in the car, then here come Bit's lil brother (he is cute!!!), asked ♥ whether are we looking for Bit and the he went running in to the house calling his brother. Then I called Bit, he answered and said "woi! saya blom mandi lagi ni. masih pakai boxer." =.=''''''' asked him to bath and we continue waiting... till he went out with shorts and he said..."tak jadi lah saya pergi.. kamu dua jak..." @.@!!!!!! fine...
So, hubs and me went out... his beloved girlfriends mengidam Lemonade. So we went to Merdeka Mall to find her favourite drink and found none. >:( I'm craving very damn hard here..... then, I wanted to watch Smurfs but hubs said just buy the CD and watch rather than paying the same amount and watching it only once... quite true.. So I didn't nag or complain. hahahak :P I thought of looking around but I resisted cause my policy these days is "see, nice, buy. or else, let him here me nagging, complaining, crapping and whatsoever till he say go buy lah". muahahahahahaha!
Then, we went to the beach. ♥ windyyyyyy! I wore my sweater and still complained that I'm cold cause its super windy today at the beach. We sat, walked, sat and then walked again, then we played, then his sakai girlfriend went to chase mukuns (fish with legs, ask me no more cause I can't explain to you :D), then his sakai girlfriend became tired and sat down and went crazy cause she became hyper after her findings... =.= hahahaha lame me. Poor ♥ got a very sakai girlfriend like me. hahahaha :P Then his girlfriend got tired and wanted to go home, so we left and I sent him back home.
He forgot his phone in my car so I had to make a 'U'-turn and there is his mom, looking out of the door smiling, not sure whether to me or to those in the house cause they got guests coming at that time, and him running out of the door for his handphone. :D
And thats the end of my story today. 

Curtin Open Day tomorrow and I'm a Curtin Volunteer! :D
Gotta rest. 

He was correct! oh man.. now I owe him something... grrrr....
1 year, 7 months and 3 weeks!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Your Love NEVER fails, never gives up; Never runs out of me ♥


Volunteered in the Curtin Annual FundRaising For Sarawak Children's Cancer Society.
phew! that was tiring.


Thursday, September 1, 2011


He found and pulled out my FIRST white hair. crap. 

 "I love you just the way you are"
which in other words means
There's no need for you to dye your hair because of a SINGLE strand of white hair on your head.

It has been.... 1 yr and... I don't know. :)


Monday, August 22, 2011


first of all, I would like to say that I'm currently very disappointed with somebody. 2 of them. >:( such great liars. ain't telling much infos about them.

Next, Mr. Suparman is now spending a night in London, screw you. I hope he remembers what I want. :D or else, I have no idea what I will do or react. *evil smirk* :P

Guess what, I'm wearing braces again! oh wow! great! yeay! this is so not fun. >:( I can't even eat properly. Just wishing that time passes by fast till they start to settle down or till my gum gets use to being 'pulled'. Dr. Baru is just so nice that the fixed in purple rubber for my first time wearing it this time. Yeay! my gums suck. :(

I don't give a damn. :D

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

twiddle dee twiddle dum

Semester break was FUN as I get to escape to KL for 2 weeks. :D
Main purpose was to attend the photo session for my 2nd brother, Dennis's convocation. He's a graduate now! woohoo.. then my parents, koko nis and me went for a road trip to Cameron Highlands and we stayed a night there at Equatorial Hotel in Brinchang. Nice~
then after a week, my parents head back home for Miri while I stayed back for another week with my sister and brother in KL. :)
Spent a lot and now I'm broke. gahhh this is bad.. but I love what I bought. :D
Thinking back..its not that much too though but nowadays has small value and I can't agree more.

Semester 2 started on 25th July...had to adapt myself to wake up early and not fall asleep in the afternoon.
and about those... had to live like you're dying and just enjoy and live life. can't be bothered much. :)


Friday, June 24, 2011

ah who cares

yea.. the title explains this whole thing. Who cares...
At least there's still someone else who cares..
Dad..Mom..Brothers..Sister..Mr. Love...
Its the process of life.
Care less and continue. You won't want it to happen twice. None cares but God still does. The pinch is there but keep on rocking and breathing. It'll come back one day. just wait and see.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


can feel like a heap of burdens away off me :D
One month's break... what will I do besides having two weeks in Kuala Lumpur???
I'll have another week and the last week of holiday to spend here in Miri...
Can't always make ze boyfriend got girlfriendnapped because she's bored. D: what is this? haha
Sem to study smarter and hopefully, keeping fingers crossed, it won't be like sem 1 cause sem 1 is really something that you and I both won't want to repeat having the same situation all over again. Its a big NO.
Words are spoken and actions are all it takes to fulfill my sayings which I don't even know if I can fulfill.
Recharging myself by replacing those three days of insufficient sleeps and rests due to exams. Sad case.
Basically a sneak peek of my activity in Miri is the ultimate second boyfriend which is Mr. SLEEP!
hahaha :P
Was having a bull market for few days and it suddenly turned into a bear market now. I'm talking business language now! Oh no. haha.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rainy day

I cut my hair. hahaha
Mom says its still long. D:
Dad laughed and said.."better no need cut.."
sad case. hahahaha
I like the front part but not the back..
I think the barber had fun layering my hair...
anyways... hair grows, so do I. haha

Keep on rocking!

Monday, June 13, 2011


haha Just realised that this blog is kinda bored and empty.
oh well... let it be this way until I have my sem break. I can't wait till I dream about me boarding the plane... =.= sad case.
Anyways, my first sem of uni is kinda bored with not much activities... sad ey? oh well... thats life.
Currently figuring out a way to make myself study like really study and concentrate as finals are around the corners... its NEXT WEEK for goodness's sake... I'm a lil bit nervous but I just can't get myself to start studying.... I'm blogging now and my facebook is still active. sigh... what a life....
Got to cramp all 3 month's study of 4 subjects in my head in this one week. D: haha well, that is the truth though. sad but yea... please don't be sad for me.. =.=
ah! I'm starting to drift away...
Gotta start studying!
I'll write more craps after my exam. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011


Respect me and I'll respect you.
I told you once, I told you twice, you don't want to listen then fine.
Rasa lah you! Cuba lah the police kasi saman u terus. heiishhh
Stop comparing Miri and Kuching!
Now then you know what I mean...
It won't kill you if you use safety belt.
Do that in other ppl's car but not when u're sitting in my car. shesh
basic manners!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

oh wait

Was it a wrong decision?
somehow it only worked out for the first few days.
I am totally messed up. :S
I don't see both of us going anywhere.. D:
this is bad ey?
maybe it was a bad idea after all.............

Friday, May 27, 2011


yeh... released a little bit of my stress n tensions today with Mr. Superman

oh fyi.. sorry readers... yeh... we are somehow inseparable... :D
I'm smiling to myself now... oh how bad is this?... hahah
I bought a top and a tank dress... tehehehehe...
laid my eyes on them since the first time I saw them.. which was yesterday... only. :P
still thinking twice about the cropped tee... :S
Today is hot.... so am I.. hahaha.. ignore me... a lil bit hyper....
crazy day.. hahaha.
Assignments.... ah... cut the story short...
I'm very super extra glad to have babes like Rowena, Candis and Michelle
Hard work paid out well... but the marks is another different story.. keeping fingers crossed. :S
screw them who don't know how to do their tasks like an adult. young adult. gah!!!
anyways... I'll sleep with a smiling face tonight. :D hahaha
Oh boy....
hahahahaha :P :P :P

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Did you know that you're the first person on my mind on my birthday?
Did you know that you're the first person I wanted to listen to wishing my Happy Birthday when the clock strikes 12a.m.?
but it didn't happen...
Did you know that you're the first person I wanted to share with about all the happenings during my birthday?
you ignored all my texts.....
Did you know that I was waiting like crazy for your replies?
you didn't know how it feels like.....
Did you know that it kills to wait for your replies?
Did you know that I was on the brink of breaking?
I don't think you expected me to react this way...
Did you know that I was really wishing n hoping that you were there with them singing for me?
Its impossible...
Did you know that it was very hard for me to distract myself from thinking about you?
I bet you're thinking that I have lots of guys to look at in Curtin...I DON'T...
Did you now that it really breaks my heart when you're not doing anything when you got your chances?
Did you know that the memory is killing me?
Did you know that I was lost for a moment?
Did you know that I was very very very confused?

disappointments after disappointments....

Thursday, May 5, 2011


It is official.

having tonnes of things in my mind..
kinda like having its own flickr in my mind....
pictures that tells a lot of secret.
I am just doing what I am supposed to do.
My motto that I held on to says that too..
You got to do what you got to do.

Monday, May 2, 2011

To be who you really are is kinda hard. You got to do at least a drama a day.
When you're being your own self, they say you're bad and what not but that's the true real you.
When you're not being yourself, they kinda like like you more... cause you're fake...

Maybe I'm just stressed...thinking too much...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A guy caught my attention in campus. D:
hahahahaha. not really.
It's just that his face is so so so familiar! like I've seen him before entering university, somewhere in an event in Miri... I don't know why but my heart is telling me that I saw him before in the first year of Fr. Stan Rally... Well, First Fr. Stan rally was open to those from Brunei, Sabah, Bintulu, Limbang?, Lawas?... yea....
Sad. Name please. hahaha. I don't like this guessing name game. :P
Apparently, luck is at my side. I frequently bump into him. :D hahahaha
Ignore me...

Stress level is on the rise. :)


Thursday, April 7, 2011


University life is KILLING me
been studying like I-don't-know-what...
doing reports and group projects. sigh... sad.
meetings over here and there.
wondering how long can I stand with such a group.
help please! semester 2 come faster...
Tuition free week! I need you like so badly... :((
I need rest! rest! REST!

I am stressed.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Senadin Youth

Congratulations and Thanks be to God for making our first prayer meeting a successful one. :D

Summary of today's prayer meeting :- (shortened it up cause I'm tired. :))
- 20+ teens came from around Senadin and also Tudan. wow! :D
- went smoothly throughout, leaving the little mistakes aside. :)
- the Teens were very supporting! really great! GREAT!
- the cups, drinks and biscuits were more than sufficient. God provides! :D
- teens were very interactive. :D

-The end-

Since I've got no class today, my dad woke me up early this morning. D: He woke me up at 730am. D: My plan was to sleep till maybe 9 or 10am. oh well, at least I earned something. hehehe
Woke up, collected my Identity card, changed the home phone at Telekom, sent Dad's grass cutter for repair but then its unable to be repaired due to something that has spoiled and its not worth it to be repaired as the cost of it is a cost of getting a new grass cutter. :) blabering. hehehe. continue. went to the 2nd house a.k.a. known as kebun :D, went to parkson and Dad bought me a formal casual blue short-sleeved top from BIEM, see cars (Ford Fiesta and Hyundai i10) in parkson, went to boulevard and got myself a pair of black VOiR Executive casual pants for RM33. 70% discount babe! was so lucky as it was the only pants left and size S fits me well and I still got space to breathe. haha :P I saved RM65.90 from flying away as the real price costs me RM98.90. hehe. at the same time, I only got RM50 in my pocket. haha. lucky much ey? EYEAH! :P
Theres sales EVERYWHERE!!!!! oh my dear money, where have you been when I needed you most? hahahahahahaha :P

Melinda. :D

Sunday, March 13, 2011




Flu.Fever.Chesty cough.
WOW! Great!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey! Its already march... oh time flies.. :)
A lot of stuffs happening around me... good ones and also bad ones.
I just really hope that Mr. will understand what I told him and accept it by viewing it through a different perception. keeping my fingers crossed. :)
Saturday...Start-up Night at Piasau Boat Club... er... bored.. sad thing. :( tiring too. dunno why.
Sunday! which was yesterday.. I guess is the longest time I spent out of the house with friends. :D
6am, I am already at cathedral to send the stove and the sugar cane drink. guess what... only Nathaniel was there with his mom sleeping in the car... gosh.
stayed at cathedral until the food sale finished and after the band played... well I had to say that its a rough one though...
then We head off to tanjung beach with Dave, James, Morris, Vanessa, Chrishe, Clarence, Dunston and Me. :D I think it was around 2pm when we arrived at the beach. approximately.
Kononnya kata mau buat meeting.. in the end we have mixed topics. hahaha :D
by 3pm we left for Taman Tunku confirmation talk. D: haha yea. we went there. at the same time, not telling anything. :D I say that its done for now. referring to the thing that I'm referring to. :P
at 5, head off to Merdeka Mall with Aunty Margaret, Bro. Frackie, Sis Shirley, Sis. Angelina, Bro. Mark and Sis. Lorna... and also the teens mentioned above. hehehe.
ate. talked. laughed. walked. till 8pm. D: yea. haha
Tiring though but had fun. :D
till my dad called what time am I going back home. woots. hehehe Sorry. :| hehe
Monday lecture... erm... Dave brought me to permy together with Ezekiel and their friend for lunch. Sponsored. :D
I dunno what else to say. Basically, there isn't anything interesting much.... :)

Sin Yee, Michelle and Janice. The friends in Uni. hearts! :)
Guess what time. :) at the beach.
Ends. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Please. Somebody. Help. Me.
That. Human. Is. Freaking. Me. Out.
:(. Goosebumps. oh. gosh. why. dots.
What. is. wrong. with. him.?
He. is. practically. stealing. the. air. off. me. help.
I. need. a. calm. life. with. no. one. like. him. who. is. a. I. dont. know. how. to. say.
Needs. air. Needs. to. find. a. way. to. !@#$%^&*. him.

God, show me a way... :(


Monday, February 28, 2011


This is so hard. I mean hard as in hard HARD!
sigh... I'm really blunt now...
and also down. sad. hurt. fish.... X((



Saturday, February 26, 2011


first was radio... then window... aircond (for awhile..engine was not completely off and I took the key off to open the door to take something in the house), lights. :S
I think I need a what-should-I-do-before-leaving-the-car list. =.=
God... HELP!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Actually, my baking plan for today was canceled due to laziness. ops. haha. But then I baked because my Dad wants me to. haha.
On the way back home after breakfast and shopping. :)
"U say u want to bake cake today...Do simple cake only.. No need to do macam-macam..."
"Don't want lah..tidak jadi.. later no one eat the cake later..."
"I WAAAN~~!"
Hahahaha. My Dad is getting funnier each day. lol. haha. XD
So I started baking at 3pm and Poof!!! at 5pm... lol! 
1st tray, It looks nice but the kabut is bilem. haha.
2nd tray, Just nice!! Yeah! I'm starting to siok sendiri...
3rd tray, a lil bit burn.. oh man!!!
29 cupcakes were born. tehehehe... :D
Dad says its nice! woohoo.. apa lagi... :D :D :D See who bake first~~ *tak malu....haha*

Dinner.. :)
"Ni papa si hong mau tan.."
LOL! Mom spoke chinese. hahaha.
out of a sudden those words came out. hahaha. unexpected. :D


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Oh hey!
Remember this ya... don't be too friendly with yr parents. Don't talk/play/chat/spend time with them. or else, people will say that you're a anak manja mau mampus. ok. :)

pfft. what is wrong if you spend time with your parents? talk to them? spend time with them? laugh with them? hang out with them?
That is what you're supposed to do when your parents are still alive n breathing on earth. Be thankful and grateful that they're still alive. You'll never know when will their time come.
You'll regret that you've not spend any time with your parents. You'll miss them when they're gone. This is the time for you to get great memories about them.
I don't care if people say...
:"why u still go shopping with yr mom/dad?"
:"not bored ka go with your parents?"
Certain things are fun to do with families rather than friends. :) I still do hangout with friends. Be flexible.
I'm a spoiled brat? Well, maybe your parents just don't have that kind of time for you but my parents does. My Dad retired and my mom is a house wife. got a problem with that? thank you. That explains why I have so much time to spend with my parents. Being the youngest doesn't mean that I'm a spoiled brat. It's just that I have more chances to spend time with my parents. They are always there. If things go with the flow and at most of the time come and be right on time, ooh! you're a spoiled brat. You are so wrong. If you're good, the world will be good to you although there are a lot of challenges that awaits you out there.
sigh. Is this jealousy? I guess so. hard to say. Appreciate your parents lah u. shesh.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


"For God will judge you in the same way you judge others, and he will apply to you the same rules you apply to others. Why, then, do you look at the speck in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the log in your own eye?" Matthew 7:2-3

You wanna say I'm trying to tunjuk alim. up to you. For the truth on my side and your side are ...different.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


If u go to school and pay attention n practice your language, U can speak properly.
not showing off. Once u go to work, you'll realize how important it is.
Can't blame you too. It's not your mother tongue.
If I were you, I'd learn to improve.
I didn't get till this stage without learning and practice. Effort needed much.
If you don't start now, you'll have difficulties in the future.

Say whatever you want. Thank you.
You got your 'thing' too.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

No matter you're single or you've a partner, It doesn't matter! :)

As ya'll know, I'm happily single. :D
However, hehehe..
If you'd ask me, yeah.. someone stole my heart.
hahaha. cheh. hahaha
Its Mr. ABC.... haha not telling. :D :D :D :P
One thing... Im super short than him. ok. enough. hahaha.
In your dreams, Melinda!!! hahaha.
this is what you call a crush. hahaha
I almost got hit by a Hilux this afternoon.
When will my unlucky-ness ends???!
oh no!

1 Corinthians 13:13 
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 


Sunday, February 13, 2011


Valentine's eve. :)
Something bad real bad happened to me on Saturday, 12.02.2011..
Lost my bag.. :(
Apek asked me to not really think bout it and I'll get over it soon...*yes, I can!* =.=
Now, got to study for exam tomoro. :S sad thing... I wanna get it done asap so that I can relax a lil bit...
Forget about it and move on.
Learn from mistakes...
BTW... U stole my favourite bag, my most dearest pencil and my most wanted purse.
PFFFTTTT!!! God will deal with you...

How can I tell that you're the lucky one Mr......*******.... hahahahahahahahaha

Melinda. :( :) :| :S

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I ended it. (:
Tonnes of Thanks to Christian. (:
yeap.. He's the superman that once stood beside me all along.
I do feel bad and guilty but then I'll feel more guilty if I let this thing hang on for a longer period.
rather than lying to him and to myself, telling the truth was the best thing to do.
I just dont know why I just got no feelings anymore. empty. hang on for few weeks already and yea...
this is what it is now...
even though he had to force himself to accept this but...
I dunno. :)

1 year, 1 week & 3 days. A period ought to be remembered and treasured. :)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

yalah kw bodoh dha tauk ku xsuka nanga pwan ya masih jua ko mok approve nya! Mun kw sukaa nya padah jak bha,,,xpayah aku lelah2 pergi delete nya dari friends list kw bha. babiiiiiii!!!! *school high2 stupid never finish2*
practically lady, I know that you're referring to me. Thanks btw.
It's not my fault that he's doing it. He did it by his own free will. 2 years passed lady...
Patience has limits. 


Saturday, January 22, 2011


The truth is always the hard part in every situation.
Got no comment.
They'll know what it is like when that day comes.
Things are always not as easy as it seems.
Outside always looks easier but there are tonnes of conflict and problems to face before one can reach the goal.
Let God decide.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

A year has passed. hihihii
"Bah pa lagi..."
hahahaha ayat ajaib itu... hihihi
I love you! 

Melinda ♥♥♥

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I guess this the my point of transformation in to a lady lady. hahaha.
I do still feel odd thought but I have to get use to it. (:


Thursday, January 13, 2011


I think I haven't gave any updates on what am I doing right now ey? haha
Currently a Foundation student in Curtin University Sarawak Campus. (:
So early??? haha yea.. I'm taking summer course which is also known as January Intake. (:
So hardworking aah you go to school so early?? Don't want to enjoy more first meh??
haha. frequently asked questions. (:
The more I delay, the lazier I become. I just don't want to loose my studying 'mood'. haha as if~~
Whether if I start early or late, I still have to study. So, why not I start early and end early right? (:
Guess thats all for now. (:
Got assignments and group discussions to catch up with. (:

Melinda. <3

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

something something :D

I guess I haven't do any updates on my self new year countdown celebration thingy in the church yea? haha.
Some might think that its is not so cool to celebrate new year together with the other fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in church, but as for me, I think its the best place to celebrate and have my new year countdown. Its not that I'm showing I'm a pious person but at the same time, I get to thank God for all the blessings and wonderful things he has done for my throughout the past one year. Well, thats my opinion. Anyways, back to my sharing (I supposed) hehehe. We were asked to play for that celebration and that 'we' consist of me, Chrishe, Vanessa, Clinton, Tracy, Malcolm, Flonnie, Christian and Garry. :) They still do address us as MYCS Band for we were once in the band but now, we are replaced by new members. Well, most of the names listed in there are in Form 5 (2010) so we have to be replaced as we have to focus on SPM and maybe after that we will go on for further studies. Thats the main concept. But then, we can be so called... free musicians. haha. =.=.
Everything went QUITE well although we do face problems like last minute transport problem and a guitar string just broke off.. stuffs like that.. But then we managed to get through them well. :)
Well, duing the night theres activities, singing, performances, blessed draws, speech, balloons and what do you call that in english.. hmm... bunga api.. (Fire flower =.=''' haha not a right thing to do - direct translation :P) yea those sutffs.. and after the countdown we just enjoyed ourselves and sang 3 songs and thats it. lol. Be there and you'll know. :)
After cleaning up and what not, My parents and I sent my Mr. and Garry back home to Taman Tunku. lol. thats far from our residential area.
went home and then fall flat and sleep. :D

basically, its like that. :D

Will post when I think I have anything to post. :))


Monday, January 10, 2011


Lecture started. :)
managed to get myself to stay alive although its only on the edge. : /
Obviously Mr. can't fit himself with my lecture schedule. : /
5 hours lecture coming up tomorrow AFTERNOON and its MORAL STUDIES!

Melinda. :P

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh no!

Going to Campus... TOMORROW! :S
Just got to let myself to get use to studying again. hihihi
Parents are a lil bit worried letting me to drive alone to campus. hihihi
And that makes me loose my confidence. haha. *Got to gain back my own confidence*
Wish me all the best & pray for me yeah? Thanks!
Big HUG! :D


Thursday, January 6, 2011


Going to class next week.. Oh man.. Hope I don't fall asleep as I frequently wake up late in the morning. hehehe.